St. Patrick’s Day Martini – Melontini #StPatricksDay

St. Patrick’s Day is a nightmare for non-beer drinkers. Maybe it’s not a nightmare, more of an inconvenience. You go out on St. Paddy’s Day and try ordering anything other than beer. The funny looks you’ll get!  More funny looks because you’re not wearing green. People around here take it personally. I’m sorry, but I’m not Irish! Do not kiss me, and do not even think about pinching me! This year I’m trying to fit in and I’m doing it with this green martini – melontini.

As the name suggests, melontini is made with a splash of melon liqueur. Weirdly, I love everything melon-flavored but I don’t like melons. Just call me the St. Patrick’s Day Grinch, mmmkay?

The closest to anything Irish I am is that I live in midst of Fighting Irish city – Notre Dame University. For almost twenty years living here, I have not once been to a single game. Tailgating is as far as I’ll go. I have nothing against the team or Irish, it’s just that I do not understand football and have no desire to learn the rules. We can talk soccer all you want, though. And we can talk over this super green St. Patrick’s Day martini. I’ll even cook something Irish for you.

Are you a beer drinker? Do you mind when someone takes a sip of beer from you glass (or bottle)? I have this thing where I always take the first sip of my husband’s drink. He’s so trained by now, he comes to find me if I’m not near him when he pours himself a drink. He’s a keeper!

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? What do you cook and most importantly, what do you drink? Just remember, if you’re going out – drink responsibly! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Cheers!

St. Patrick’s Day Martini – Melontini

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St. Partick's Day Martini - All that's Jas


Serves 2

1 cup ice
4 ounces vodka
3 ounces melon liqueur
lime for garnish



In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add vodka and melon liqueur. Shake. Strain into a martini glass and serve.

St. Partick's Day Martini - All that's Jas

St. Partick's Day Martini - All that's Jas

St. Partick's Day Martini - All that's Jas


St. Patrick’s Day Martini – Melontini

St. Patrick’s Day Martini – Melontini

Melon flavored green martini - Melontini is a cocktail you need to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with style. Cheers!


  • 1 cup ice
  • 4 ounces vodka
  • 3 ounces melon liqueur
  • lime for garnish


In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add vodka and melon liqueur. Shake.

Strain into a martini glass and serve.

Here’s a bonus:


St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner.  It is a great time to celebrate the Irish in all of us, even if there isn’t any!  There are a lot more ways to celebrate than drinking green beer.  So Jan from The Tip Garden and Carlee from Cooking with Carlee got us together to share our best St. Patrick’s Day inspired recipes.  There is sure to be something for everyone!

Beef and Stout Stew from Caroline’s Cooking

Chocolate Cupcakes with Irish Cream Frosting from Grumpy’s Honeybunch

Chocolate Stout Floats from The Chef Next Door

Easy 5 Ingredient Chocolate Mint Cookies from Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks

Grilled Cabbage Steaks from Culinary Adventures with Camilla

Irish Tea Brack from Cooking With Carlee

Lucky Leprechaun Minty Milkshakes from Family Around the Table

Nana’s Shepherd’s Pie from The Tip Garden

Reuben Quesadillas from A Day in the Life on the Farm

Reuben Stuffed Crescent Rolls from From Gate to Plate

Slow Cooker Guinness Pot Roast from Amy’s Cooking Adventures

St. Patrick’s Day Green Martini – Melontini from All That’s Jas

Stout Cupcakes with Irish Buttercream from A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures

Ulster Fry from Palatable Pastime


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28 Replies to “St. Patrick’s Day Martini – Melontini #StPatricksDay”

  1. Shelby

    🙂 I take kisses (from certain people lol) and leave the pinches out…but I’m not Irish either (Mostly Scottish (mom) with a little native american mixed in(dad)). This drink would suit me fine. It’s green, that’s all that matters to me for St. Patrick’s Day – although I do like beer too. 😉 GORGEOUS photo!

    • Jas Post author

      Lol, thanks for clarifying 😀 I wish my ancestors were as exotic as yours. Mine are all the same and boring. I don’t even have a middle name. 🙁 Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Sara

    Very cool! I’m really digging those martini glasses, too. Thanks for linking up at the Home Matters Link Party! We hope to see you again next week:) #HomeMattersParty

  3. Carlee

    The drink is gorgeous to be sure! I don’t drink often either, but don’t mind a taste if my husband is having something new. If I am going to have a drink though, something like this is where I’m going to gravitate any time!
    Carlee recently posted…Irish Tea Brack #StPatricksDayMy Profile

    • Jas Post author

      I like your style, Carlee 🙂 We have so much in common! Is that house across the street still for sale? LOL. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  5. Mrs Shoes

    Okay, true story, I will watch football because I like the look of men in football pants. Did I say pants? I meant GEAR, of course. I like to look at their rear gear, specifically. I know *just* enough to talk smack all day long against my brother-in-laws’ teams (in hockey too), even if I have to listen to a sports report for facts to insult him with, facts which I freely admit that I then promptly forget once the burn has been laid.
    Soccer shorts are way too flappy to bother watching at all, in my mind. Plus, BIL doesn’t follow much soccer. Maybe he should, because I can be versatile; I also dis golf pros when he & Mr Shoes are watching golf on tv after having playing 36 holes.
    I should probably drink more than I do…… the melontini looks marvellous!
    When we were newlyweds & Mr Shoes took sandwiches to work, I used to take a bite off one corner & call it a lovebite. I really just wanted to taste his sandwich.

    • Jas Post author

      Lol, love bite! That’s too cute. Football gear is too padded for my taste, I prefer flappy soccer shorts as they show more leg 😉 And you can see their faces. To each their own, I guess. Have a great weekend!

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