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5 Bizarre Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most difficult goals a person can face. It takes time, dedication, commitment and a lot of hard work. Though there are different diet fads and exercise routines that can help you shed more weight faster, there are also unconventional tips you can follow to help you break plateaus in your weight loss journey.…

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behind the scenes secrets

Behind the Scenes at All that’s Jas

If you ever wondered how bloggers shoot their gorgeous images, wonder no more. Join me as I take you behind the scenes and reveal secrets behind All that's Jas food photography, plus give you a peek into five more blogs and the mystery behind their photos.…

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10 new favorite Easter decoration finds - All that's Jas

10 Favorite Easter Decoration Finds

Welcome spring! Easter is just around the corner and decorations are coming out. In addition to cold weather we’re having rain for weeks. So, I dragged my behind to the basement in search for my favorite Easter decorations and hoped to get into the holiday spirit. Since years of “service” were visible on every piece I only had one option left: shopping for new items. Browsing stores in the rain is no fun, but browsing them online always is. Because it…

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5 tips to make anyone love cabbage

5 Tips to Make Anyone Love Cabbage

Guest Post by Kristin of Taste Insight 5 Tips to Make Anyone Love Cabbage Cabbage is a low calorie nutritious cruciferous vegetable available in all grocery stores. They are always available and are easy to prepare! Some people may claim that they don’t like vegetables or cabbages in particular. But maybe they just haven’t tasted a good recipe yet! And if you just love cabbage the way I do, you will always want your family and friends to have a…

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what is really healthy eating - All that's Jas

What is Really Healthy Eating?

As I’m still trying to get rid of the pounds I packed on during the holidays, I’ve been toying with adding a “healthy eating” tab on the blog, but then it hit me…what exactly IS healthy eating? Major corporations have caught on to the trend of healthier eating and are now inundating their labels with “GMO free,” “all natural,” “gluten free” etc… My daughter even saw a sign on a package of shredded lettuce that said “gluten free.” COME. ON!…

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Farmhouse Kitchen Accessories - All that's Jas

15 Kitchen Accessories That Perfectly Embody Farmhouse Style

If you’re decorating with accents that add a cozy touch to your home, I’m guessing you’ll love these farmhouse kitchen accessories and decor. Can we just agree how fabulous it is? The following 15 fantastic finds will add that welcoming charm to your kitchen that everyone is so crazy about. You don’t need an entire Farmhouse kitchen makeover to be on trend. Just add …

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STAY-ON-TRACK Healthy Eating Recipe Roundup - All that's Jas

Stay on Track: Healthy Eating Recipe Round-Up

How many of us installed new eating habits this New Year but fell off the wagon hard last night with some warm brownies and ice cream? The truth? It didn’t happen last night. It happened the first week in. So how do you stay on track? I think you’ll agree with me when I say it’s difficult to stick closely to a low-calorie eating plan and sometimes we give in and eat too much. Those slip-ups are discouraging and make…

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how essential oils spark creativity - All that's Jas

How Essential Oils Can Help Spark Creativity – GUEST POST

This guest post is by Sally Wong of Think Oily Let’s face it: we all know that essential oils are very useful in our daily lives. They keep us healthy and well by purifying the air, heightening our immune system, quickening the healing of cuts or bruises, and balancing out our bodies. I don’t know about you, but these little glass bottles tend to be more useful than most of my pharmaceutical medicines in my cabinet. Every time I venture…

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