About a young woman, alias (fittingly) MammaMia, who tiptoed into my life.

I never met Ana. We don’t have anything in common. Ana is a young mother of a girl with Down syndrome and a wife. She loves to cook and bake. Ana is stronger than she believes and more fragile than she wants to admit. But that’s not how she made an impression on me.
Ana writes stories. And when I read her stories I lose myself into her world that somehow feels so familiar. Because of Ana. Because she has a God’s given gift of transferring the obvious, to most of us unrevealed surroundings, into words; words that capture, words that open your heart and words that inspire.
How does she do it? Is her tender approach the mirror of her soul? Does she think long and hard before she jots down her thoughts and softly steal our attention? It seems they just come to her and she shares it with us in an instant. That’s what’s special about Ana’s stories. They generate your own hidden memories, they take you to a whole new level of emotions you didn’t even know you had, and they leave you with a new outlook on life. Ana is oblivious of the impact.

Ana’s world is her beautiful little girl that is God’s blessing (because He gives you only what you can handle and Ana can) and her husband that adores her and she loves him to pieces. How do I know that when I never met Ana? She told me through her stories. Read them and listen, she’ll tell you all about her without much of using the word “I”.

Thank you Ana and God bless you now and always!


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