Your nose made you who you are

What is the first facial feature you notice on someone? The eyes, smile or the nose?
I see their nose and how it had built their owner’s character. We judge people by their nose and we aren’t even aware of it. Think about it for a moment.
 When did I first notice it? One particular memory comes to mind, a memory of a guy that Lilly and I saw as he was making his way to the back of the bus, where we were sitting. He was tall, dark hair gently framing his face. We whispered that he was good looking until he was standing right above us and we looked up – yep – his nose. The nose was an OK nose, but we saw a huge, yellow-green in color, slimy booger inside it. The booger didn’t seem to be bothered by our giggles and it just sat there. But we didn’t…we changed seats.

You can put your nose (see what I did there?) into basically three nose categories:
1. Demand Respect category: the prominent nose, the authoritative nose, the know-it-all nose, the oh-so-perfect nose, the up-in-the-air nose. You submit to this nose, whether you like it or not.
2. I Don’t Trust You category: we put there you’re-not-fooling-anyone nose. That’s the one that’s not so perfect, but the owner is oblivious to it and acts like it is (read: demands respect). Also the nose that’s younger than the owner, as well as the one whose shape was obviously changed by aggressive impact. That nose has no fear and you just can’t trust it! You take time to commit to this one.
Oh, and what about those get-your-finger-out-of-the-nose and please-clean-your-nose nose (remember the guy from the bus?)
3. My favorite nose category is The Next Door category. That’s the one that looks down, the humble one, the one you can confide in, you can make friends with, you can be shown in public with, the nose of an angel!

So, next time you look at someone’s face, don’t deceive yourself that you first notice its eyes or smile.
It’s not your instinct helping you with the first impression of a person, nope – it’s their nose.

And so I’m aware that my nose has made me who I am and I proudly carry it around with me!


* photo borrowed from the Internet

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