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Best Deviled Eggs

the best deviled eggs | All that's Jas

This classic deviled eggs recipe is easy to make and everyone's favorite. Make yours stand out by garnishing the cooked egg whites with herbs and spices.…

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Halloween Ghoulish Goodies

  Halloween is a festival of chills and thrills. Gear up to meet people in bizarre costumes! Impress your guest with some ghoulish goodies. This skull shaped cheese ball will be the life of the party. No bones about it.     Let me tell you about my first Halloween party here in the States. I was excited and nervous. I didn’t know what to expect or how to dress up. I imagined people would be really creative with their costumes…

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Homemade Greek Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki Sauce | All that's Jas

Looking for a fresh taste this BBQ season? This Greek tzatziki sauce is absolutely delicious and super easy to make. With just a few ingredients and in about 10 minutes you have a tasty appetizer that everyone loves!…

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Scotch Eggs

Many moons ago I went on a date to our local pub that has a clever name “The Pub”. I wasn’t impressed with my date but the snack we shared that evening was memorable. It was love at first sight taste. I’m talking about the Scotch Eggs not my date as that was our first, last, and never again time together. The eggs though, popular in Scotland and U.K., are still in my life. True love never fades. Hard-boiled eggs…

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Oven-Baked Bang Bang Shrimp

Oven-Baked Bang Bang Shrimp - Bonefish Grill Copycat Recipe | All that's Jas

Oven-roasted bang bang shrimp is a healthier version of the popular restaurant-style appetizer that you can easily make at home. This dish of crispy breaded shrimp coated in the spicy sauce is done in minutes and it's the ultimate quick game-day appetizer or a snack.…

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Cream Cheese Gift Spread

  Spring is in the air. It just didn’t get here yet and it cannot come soon enough. This winter was mild (#knockingonwood) so far. Life was mostly kind to us. My highlight was the family visit for our Christmas party. It is very hard to sync everyone on the same schedule (especially out-of-towners) and few people are always absent. We miss them dearly but party goes on. As it goes with Christmas, there was more food than anyone should eat. Honoring…

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Layered Burek – Fillo Meat Pie

Layered Fillo Meat Pie - Burek | All that's Jas

This step-by-step recipe for layered burek - fillo meat pie is perfect for when you're first starting cooking with fillo dough. It's a fuss-free, easy process that will eliminate your fear of making fillo dishes for good. Check baking with fillo off your bucket list now!…

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The Purple Pig Copycat Pork Neck Bone Gravy

The Purple Pig Copycat Pork Neck Bone Gravy | All that's Jas

  Delicious meat sauce with creamy ricotta, this pork neck gravy is perfect for sharing and scooping up with some crusty bread. Have a night in with your friends with this Chicago’s Purple Pig copycat recipe.     For those of you who don’t know what The Purple Pig is, it is an amazing restaurant on Michigan Avenue in Chicago that serves Cheese, Swine, and Wine. No joke – that’s their slogan.   This restaurant is regarded as one of…

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Café Navarre Crustini

Pancetta and caramelized leeks on toasted baguette Oh, hello there! I hope you’re hungry, because this is one fresh, crunchy treat. Our fancy downtown restaurant Café Navarre introduced this starter to my picky sister-in-law and she loved it! That night, I ordered baked artichoke and was secretly hoping she would offer me a taste of her crustini. Normally, I don’t like having to go to the same place just so I can have their yummy dish not offered at other…

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