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Easy Classic Wiener Schnitzel

Easy classic Wiener schnitzel | All that's Jas

Craving a home-cooked meal with the same fancy taste you get at restaurants? This classic Wiener Schnitzel meets those requirements but without the high price tag. Better yet, it comes together quickly for a delicious, authentic Austrian meal your whole family will adore. …

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Red Wine Goulash

Red wine goulash | All that's Jas

Red Wine Goulash If you follow my All that’s Jas Facebook page, you know that I made this Red Wine Goulash a few days ago. This particular goulash recipe is a step up from the traditional Bosnian one. This one is more fit for the old Bosnian’s Emperors and Pashas (as a side note, my paternal great-great-grandfather was Pasha) because it is made with three types of meats. This goulash in not the poor man’s goulash – it is not…

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