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My Thursday Favorite Things

ATJ stats

Welcome to this week’s Thursday Favorite Things!   Jetpack sent me a nice summary of my 2015 year in blogging. Chances are you got one too if you are a blogger. I’m not big on keeping an eye on my stats but, nevertheless, it’s nice to have an overview of my best work and my fans. It couldn’t come at a better timing – you see, All that’s Jas is taking a break from The Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop…

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Thursday Favorite Things 219 and Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays - All that's Jas

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 219 and Happy Holidays, friends! BLOG HOP NEWS: We are taking a holiday break next week to spend time with our families and will be back the week after Christmas.   To all of you, Happy Holidays and Best Wishes! May your Holiday Season be blessed with peace, love, and joy!   Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Welcome to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. We invite you to link up and share your favorite…

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Thursday Favorite Things 218 and Happy Birthday To Me!

Jas' Birthday - All that's Jas

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 218! My favorite thing this Thursday is my birthday. I’m half a century young! Happy Birthday To Me!  Go ahead, let me hear all the funny jokes you have. I’m officially over the hill. What hill? Where? When? I don’t remember any @#* hill! Halfway to 100! Thank God this half is all downhill. 50 is the new….what was I saying? They say 50 is the youth of old age; so technically, I’m still young, right?…

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Thursday Favorite Things 217

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 217!   Hello, December! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It’s the day I start overeating and I don’t stop until January. I love December. It’s my birthday month, which I don’t get as excited about as I used to, but it also brings Christmas and snow. OK, I don’t like the snow as much as used to either, so basically, the only good thing in December is Christmas.   I love Christmas. However, I don’t…

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Thursday Favorite Things 216

Happy Thanksgiving - All that's Jas

This week I am thankful for all of you who join us every week, share your fabulous content, comment and support one another! Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love, family, and great food (set your scales back 10 lbs)!…

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Thursday Favorite Things 215

Ryan - All that's Jas

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 215!   My favorite this week is this handsome guy, my stepson Ryan. Husband and I traveled over the weekend to Fort Benning, Georgia to visit him. The drive was too long from northern Indiana but well worth it. We haven’t seen him or talked to him (other than through old-fashioned letters) in three months and we missed him tremendously.   I don’t have to mention how proud we are of him. He is compassionate, responsible,…

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Thursday Favorite Things 214

our A tattoo - All that's Jas

Instead of buying a Harley or hot red convertible, dye hair in crazy colors - or even worse get a hairpiece, quit our jobs or each other, we got inked. Boring as we are, that's the extent of our midlife crisis.Since we each have our own kid(s), we wanted something to share. Between us, we have four beautiful granddaughters all of which names start with an A.…

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Thursday Favorite Things 213

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 213!   Did you hear about our Annual Holiday Cookie Swap Linky Party? You can share your new or old Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza cookies and cookie bars too!   My favorite this week are these flowers. An old acquaintance of mine stopped by my office to bring me these. She just saw a rerun of my first Dinner and a Book show and became my newest fan! When I told her I was filming…

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Thursday Favorite Things 212

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 212!   Two favorite things this week. First, after a long month of waiting for my tests, I finally got the news: everything is fine with my tatas. YAY! October is a breast cancer awareness month. If you haven’t done it yet, here’s your reminder.     The second favorite thing was a surprise gift from our dear hostess Katie.   She likes to brighten our days ever so often. First, it was a notebook, just…

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Thursday Favorite Things 211

Yugoslavia - All that's Jas

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 211!   Gah! I will never brag about an amazing week again. I think I jinxed it. Sick grandchild, a surgery in my husband’s future, scary health news for me…please stop! Yet, life goes on…   People still ask me, on occasion, about my trip home. Now that the impressions are not as fresh, I have to stop and think. Of course, it was nice and that’s all anyone wants to hear, but I’m still sorting…

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Thursday Favorite Things 210

Family at ND tailgate - All that's Jas

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 210!   It was another week full of blessings and favorites. Our beloved college football team, The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, won the home game.   Our out-of-town, out-of-state family came to tailgate with us. We celebrated our nephew’s recent engagement. Our niece, Lt. Dr. Jenna Richards got proposed to right there on campus! He got on one knee at a special location, at a tree with a plaque that honors her and her family.…

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Thursday Favorite Things 209

my girls

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 209!   Nothing like being gone for two weeks makes you realize just how much you love and miss your family.   I’ve been granted extra hugs, kisses, and I Love You’s from my favorite girls (Andrea, Alyvia & Avelyn) ever since I came back. I should leave more often, lol. Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Welcome to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. We invite you to link up and share your favorite post or…

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Thursday Favorite Things 208

My trip home

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 208!   I’m still paying for all the great food I had while visiting home. Of course, I was inspired by it and had to recreate some of the dishes I had there. Let’s just say my binging on food continues. The good news is that I’ll share the recipes here eventually.   I’ve also been jet-lagged longer than usual. I’m blaming the extra long trip back and the fact that I was awake for over…

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Thursday Favorite Things 207 and food highlights

Bosnian food

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 207!   I’m baaaaack! You guys, I had so much fun, but it is good to be back! I ate a lot, and I mean A LOT, but I also walked miles. Here are my favorite food highlights from the trip. Next week I’ll share non-food photos 🙂   We’ll start with an appetizer. A selection of cheeses and smoked meats served with a basket of bread varieties. If you follow me on Instagram, you…

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Thursday Favorite Things 206

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 206!   Hey guys, do you miss me yet? I’m coming home this weekend and can’t wait to join you next Thursday 🙂   Sorry for the outdated logos, blogging over the phone is not as easy as I thought. Please visit other co-hostesses to meet new ladies.    Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Let’s get this party started. Link up your favorite post or a post about your favorite things. We can’t wait to see…

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Thursday Favorite Things 205

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 205!   My favorite thing this week (and will be for the next week too) is that  I am visiting my friends and family in my hometown, Banja Luka.    I am also very grateful for our new co-hostesses, so please make sure to stop by their blogs and say hello! Since I didn’t bring my laptop with me I can’t update the links and photos of the new hostesses, so please forgive me. It took…

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Thursday Favorite Things 204

Banja Luka downtown

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 204!   As my travel day is nearing I am getting more and more homesick.   I can not wait to stroll through the streets that hold so many memories. I will breathe the fresh air on the bank of Vrbas river, right down by the walls of the 16-th century Kastel fortress.   From the top of the surrounding hills, I will watch hundreds of red roofs shimmering in the sunset. I will take a…

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Thursday Favorite Things 203

my favorite thing - All that's Jas

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 203!   Mommy, my throat is up – said my 3-yo granddaughter this morning, happy that her voice is back. The poor baby has been sick for days, hasn’t spoken a word and just yesterday started to whisper. Her fever broke and we can finally relax a bit.   Having a virus in the home with a newborn is a scary thing. My son-in-law is often away on a business trip. My daughter is doing…

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Thursday Favorite Things 202

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things 202!   Plain and simple: my favorite thing this week is this Thursday Favorite Thing. Why this one? Because our friend Katherine, our hostess with the mostess, is back and that means she is well enough to PAR-TAY!  Thank you all for your prayers!   While we took a break last week (have you seen the last week’s features?) I know you did not and I’m anxious to see what you worked on.   Thursday Favorite…

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Thursday Favorite Things Features

Welcome to Thursday Favorite Things Features!   Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop is taking a break this week while our hostess, our wonderful friend Katherine, is undergoing some medical treatments. We love that you came to visit and appreciate your loyalty! Please visit Katherine’s Corner blog and leave a word of support and also keep her in your prayers!   Instead of new link ups, I’m featuring some of last week’s links. If you missed it, take a look around but…

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