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Fillo Cherry Blossoms

Fillo Cherry Blossoms | All that's Jas

For someone who was intimidated by fillo for over four decades, I'm a pretty big fan of discovering and inventing new ways to use it. Today's result - these delicious Fillo Cherry Blossoms. They combine simple ingredients and the flavor is subtle, but they are anything but wallflowers.…

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French Sipping Chocolate Recipe

French Sipping Chocolate | All that's Jas

It's not a secret that French seriously know what they're doing when it comes to food and this sipping chocolate is no exception.  It's creamy, intense, rich, and most decadent hot chocolate that is absolute heaven for any chocolate lover and even those less inclined.…

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Strawberry Oatmeal Cake 

Strawberry Oatmeal Cake | All that's Jas

Want to have your cake and eat it too? This gluten-free strawberry oatmeal cake is light and refreshing. It's perfect for dessert or an afternoon snack. Fruit and oatmeal qualify as breakfast, amiright? So it's OK to have a slice with your morning coffee! ;)…

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Easy Christmas Trifle

Easy Christmas Trifle | All that's Jas

This easy Christmas trifle won't stress you out but will save your holiday entertainment. Layers of red velvet cake, pudding, and whipped cream come together quickly and make this gorgeous and delicious holiday treat. …

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Indiana Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie – Reinvented

Indiana Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie - Reinvented | All that's Jas

This sugar cream pie has a rich custard filling, mild flavor, and it can be enjoyed warm or cold. The ruffled fillo crust gives the perfect crunch and a great look. It’s like the ballerina of pies. 🙂     Did you know that each State has a national pie? Check out all 50 State pies. I just recently found out about it over at The Kittchen. Guys, I’ve been living in the Hoosier State for almost 20 years and I’m just…

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Edible Christmas Candles

Sweet Edible Christmas Candles | All that's Jas

Need an impressive Christmas treat that is made in minutes? Try this easy hack: store-bought cookies, almonds, and sugar glaze make these sweet edible Christmas candles a festive table decoration or gifts for the office. Best of all, there's no baking involved!…

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Italian Apple and Fig Polenta Torta

Italian Apple & Fig Polenta Torta | All that's Jas

When you need a little something extraordinary in your everyday life, this Italian apple and fig polenta torta fits the bill. Simple ingredients combined together make this exquisite cake. Inside you will find diced Honeycrisp apples, dried figs, raisins, golden polenta, honey, and olive oil.…

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Swedish Apple Oatmeal Pie with Vanilla Sauce

Swedish Apple and Oatmeal Pie with Vanilla Sauce | All that's Jas

Looking for a new apple pie recipe? This Swedish apple oatmeal pie is anything but traditional. The crust is on the top, the main spice is cardamom instead of cinnamon, but it's mellow and comforting. Topped with the vanilla sauce it's sure to be your family's new favorite. …

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6 Ingredient No Bake Sand Cake

6 ingredient no bake sand cake | All that's Jas

Ready for a brand new dessert recipe that whips up fast? This three layer no-bake sand cake is a perfect solution for busy days. Not only is it absolutely delicious, it requires just six easy ingredients. It is super quick to make and best of all, tastes like a vacation.…

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Key Lime Pie Recipe

Key Lime Pie | All that's Jas

There's nothing as good as homemade dessert but who has time to bake? With this easy-to-follow recipe for a delicious key lime pie, life has never been so sweet. Rich and creamy, this pie is a flavor-filled dessert.…

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5 Favorite Easy Summer Desserts

5 favorite easy summer desserts - All that's Jas

Are you dreaming of summer? I’m over these cold temps! Winter was mild, but it seems to be catching up before it’s officially over. My favorite summer desserts usually do the trick when I get the winter blues. I have five go-to recipes because they’re so easy to make. Quick too, especially if you don’t have much spare time. Losing an hour to daylight saving time is a nightmare if you are busy. Yesterday was tough. Instead of being productive…

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Scott’s Cheese Ball with pecans and m&m’s

Scott's Cheese Ball with pecans and m&m's - All that's Jas

Scott’s Cheese Ball recipe with pecans and m&m’s is super easy to make, deliciously sweet and is a crowd pleaser.     Scott’s Cheese Ball with pecans and m&m’s Ever since we lost Scott, the joy of Christmas has been infused with sadness because it was his favorite holiday. We miss Scott every day but our hearts are heavier during this season of hope, redemption, and love.   Scott’s famous cheese ball recipe has become a part of Brechtl Christmas…

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Potato Plum Dumplings – Knedle sa Šljivama

Potato Plum Dumplings - All that's Jas

Potato Plum Dumplings You won’t be able to resist these potato plum dumplings. Delicious plums wrapped in tender potato dough, similar to Italian potato gnocchi, forms a pillowy ball, and are coated in sweet, buttery breadcrumbs then dusted with cinnamon sugar.   I’m making potato plum dumplings – again, as you probably know if you follow my Instagram or Facebook account. Finding small European plums (damsons) here proves to be difficult and when they are available I take advantage. Maybe…

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Caramel Apple Pie Bread Pudding

Caramel Apple Pie Bread Pudding - All that's Jas

Who needs a pie crust when you have stale bread? Use it to make this easy and tasty caramel apple pie bread pudding a two-in-one dessert mash-up.     I had this caramel apple pie bread pudding on my to-do list for a while. I was missing the main ingredient – stale bread. We either polish off all the bread before it gets stale or we eat try to eat healthily and don’t buy any.   Is that a good…

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