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Festive Cake Batter Shots

Festive Cake Batter Shots | All that's Jas

Need a delicious cocktail for your holiday party? These festive cake batter shots rimmed with sprinkles are chock-full of holiday flavor and flare.   These cake batter shots easily convert from aperitif to after-dinner cocktails just by switching servings from shot to martini glasses. It’s a pretty fancy way to get drunk if you ask me. 😉 Match the color of sprinkles with any holiday or occasion and you have a festive cocktail year round.   Years ago, I made a small…

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No-Bake Eggless Chocolate Salami

No-bake eggless chocolate salami | All that's Jas

This easy and fun treat made with chocolate, nuts, broken biscotti, and dried figs resembles salami and when sliced, it yields delectable cookies. No-bake eggless chocolate salami recipe is European's favorite Christmas and year-round snack. …

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Easy Christmas Trifle

Easy Christmas Trifle | All that's Jas

This easy Christmas trifle won't stress you out but will save your holiday entertainment. Layers of red velvet cake, pudding, and whipped cream come together quickly and make this gorgeous and delicious holiday treat. …

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Indiana Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie – Reinvented

Indiana Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie - Reinvented | All that's Jas

This sugar cream pie has a rich custard filling, mild flavor, and it can be enjoyed warm or cold. The ruffled fillo crust gives the perfect crunch and a great look. It’s like the ballerina of pies. 🙂     Did you know that each State has a national pie? Check out all 50 State pies. I just recently found out about it over at The Kittchen. Guys, I’ve been living in the Hoosier State for almost 20 years and I’m just…

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Fillo Ricotta Bundt Pie

Fillo Ricotta Bundt Pie with Butternut Squash and Spinach | All that's Jas

Need a dish that is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds? This Italian fillo ricotta bundt pie with butternut squash and spinach fits the bill. Add a burst of color and flavor to your table this holiday season!…

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Edible Christmas Candles

Sweet Edible Christmas Candles | All that's Jas

Need an impressive Christmas treat that is made in minutes? Try this easy hack: store-bought cookies, almonds, and sugar glaze make these sweet edible Christmas candles a festive table decoration or gifts for the office. Best of all, there's no baking involved!…

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Easy Homemade Christmas Baileys

Easy Homemade Christmas Baileys - All that's Jas

Christmas spiced homemade Baileys is a perfect last minute gift, quick to make but not quick to forget. Easy Homemade Christmas Baileys Christmas is the season of giving and there’s no better gift than something you made with love (and alcohol, ha). I’ve been gifting homemade Baileys for years, starting with a year that I totally forgot my co-workers and needed something easy, quick, inexpensive, and special. The original recipe involved cooking of the pudding with rum. The best part is I…

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Scott’s Cheese Ball with pecans and m&m’s

Scott's Cheese Ball with pecans and m&m's - All that's Jas

Scott’s Cheese Ball recipe with pecans and m&m’s is super easy to make, deliciously sweet and is a crowd pleaser. Scott’s Cheese Ball with pecans and m&m’s Ever since we lost Scott, the joy of Christmas has been infused with sadness because it was his favorite holiday. We miss Scott every day but our hearts are heavier during this season of hope, redemption, and love. Scott’s famous cheese ball recipe has become a part of Brechtl Christmas Party tradition. It’s…

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DIY Advent Wreath

DIY Advent wreat - All that's Jas

Easy DIY Advent Wreath What is this? A DIY Advent wreath rather than a recipe? Well, it’s not always sweet or savory at All that’s Jas. Some days are crafty. When I started this blog, my intent was to share DIY projects along with recipes, photography, and short stories. Somehow food became the focus, probably because we do have to eat every day. Although I’ve done many since the blog launch, they’ve never gotten published here, but you may have seen them on my Facebook page…

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Wheat Pudding

Wheat Pudding - All that's Jas

Wheat Pudding I was made fun of for meeting everyone I wanted to see at the same place. This was during my last trip home when I was reconnecting with old friends and family. The said meeting place of my choice was the Palace Hotel downtown. Why in a hotel? The café on hotel’s first floor is famous for their cakes and pastries. Of course, I frequently posted photos on my Facebook page of all the goodies I had there.…

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Veal Rolls with Smoked Cheese

veal rolls with smoked cheese

I woke up in the middle of the night not knowing where I was. My dreams have always been vivid. Dreaming that I’m still in Bosnia and waking up in my own bed confused me for a second. I also woke up hungry for these veal rolls which is no surprise because I was busy eating them in my dream. Veal Rolls with Smoked Cheese If you missed the photo I posted of this fancy dish I had back home,…

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Pork Medallions with Bacon and Macadamia

Pork Medallions with Bacon and Macadamia - All that's Jas

  I’m an insanely visual person and you have to be really careful what you say in front of me. I’m wired differently, just ask my husband. I’m ashamed to tell you what went through my head when I described this pork medallions with bacon and macadamia recipe to my friend and she said: “oh, pork on pork!” Watch your mouth, young lady! 🙂 I got this recipe from a German Koch & Back Ideen magazine, 2009 edition. I’ve been…

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Cream Cheese Gift Spread

  Spring is in the air. It just didn’t get here yet and it cannot come soon enough. This winter was mild (#knockingonwood) so far. Life was mostly kind to us. My highlight was the family visit for our Christmas party. It is very hard to sync everyone on the same schedule (especially out-of-towners) and few people are always absent. We miss them dearly but party goes on. As it goes with Christmas, there was more food than anyone should eat. Honoring…

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