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101 Delicious Reasons to Own a Cast-Iron Skillet

101 delicious recipes for cast-iron skillet

Discover 100 delicious reasons to own a cast iron skillet that will make your mouth water! Easy main dishes, sides, desserts, and more! There are countless reasons that make possession of a cast-iron cookware an indispensable must. If you don't cook in a cast-iron skillet, are you really cooking?…

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This Could Be Yours – Bake a Cake Giveaway!

bake a cake giveaway | All that's Jas

This bake a cake giveaway is sponsored by Casa Bouquet.    If you know me well, you know how much I love kitchen gadgets. Who doesn’t, amirite?   Now that the spending season is over, it would be nice to get something for free, don’t you agree?   I am thankful for your loyalty and following All that’s Jas for tasting the world.  So I’m happy to join my friend Katherine of Katherine’s Corner and eight other bloggers to host…

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11 Time-Saving Food Recipes For Weight Loss

11 Time-Saving Food Recipes For Weight Loss | All that's Jas

11 Time-Saving Food Recipes For Weight Loss is a guest post by Emily Brathen.     11 Time-Saving Food Recipes For Weight Loss   Whether you’re trimming your waistline or simply watching your lunches at the office, the thrill of reaping the benefits from diet food recipes is not only unfounded but it’s universally being practiced now by seasoned dietitians and beginners alike. Meanwhile, the plethora of recipes is now in multitude, thanks to the near-obsession of those who benefit from…

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Apple Week Welcome Giveaway!

Apple Week Welcome Giveaway

Apple Week Welcome Giveaway is sponsored by Rodelle, Dreamfarm, Casabella, Rainier Fruit, Flahavans Irish Oatmeal, Pyrex, Chicago Cutlery, and Veggie Wash.     It’s officially autumn, well at least here in Indiana, and the season change is apparent everywhere I look. Gardens are looking tired, colors are dull, and leaves are beginning to fall. I can relate: combine an intensely busy summer with my age and things are not looking fresh, ha!   So, I’m looking forward to a slower…

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55 Easy Party Food Recipe Ideas

55 easy party food recipe ideas | All that's Jas

Need party food ideas this football season? These 55 easy finger food recipes are the perfect solution for cheering your favorite football team on or celebrating holidays, birthdays or get-togethers for no reason at all.…

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5 Bizarre Tips To Help You Lose Weight

weight-loss tips

Losing weight is one of the most difficult goals a person can face. It takes time, dedication, commitment and a lot of hard work. Though there are different diet fads and exercise routines that can help you shed more weight faster, there are also unconventional tips you can follow to help you break plateaus in your weight loss journey.…

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Behind the Scenes at All that’s Jas

behind the scenes secrets

If you ever wondered how bloggers shoot their gorgeous images, wonder no more. Join me as I take you behind the scenes and reveal secrets behind All that's Jas food photography, plus give you a peek into five more blogs and the mystery behind their photos.…

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10 Favorite Easter Decoration Finds

10 new favorite Easter decoration finds - All that's Jas

Welcome spring! Easter is just around the corner and decorations are coming out. In addition to the cold weather, we're having rain for weeks. So, I dragged my behind to the basement in search for my favorite Easter decorations and hoped to get into the holiday spirit.…

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5 Tips to Make Anyone Love Cabbage

5 tips to make anyone love cabbage

Guest Post by Kristin of Taste Insight 5 Tips to Make Anyone Love Cabbage Cabbage is a low calorie nutritious cruciferous vegetable available in all grocery stores. They are always available and are easy to prepare! Some people may claim that they don’t like vegetables or cabbages in particular. But maybe they just haven’t tasted a good recipe yet! And if you just love cabbage the way I do, you will always want your family and friends to have a…

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5 Delicious Spring Salads

light and refreshing spring salads, five must have salads, salads to serve in spring, salads for BBQ, potluck and cookout

Spring is playing “Now you see me, now you don’t” here in Northern Indiana and I hope next time we see it it’ll stay, because I’m ready. Eating salads when it’s cold out is not my THANG which, by the way, shows around my waist. Come spring and all I crave are delicious salads. I remember the first time salad was served before dinner in a restaurant. That was quite a revolutionary movement (and yes, I’m that old). Salads used…

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What is Really Healthy Eating?

what is really healthy eating - All that's Jas

As I’m still trying to get rid of the pounds I packed on during the holidays, I’ve been toying with adding a “healthy eating” tab on the blog, but then it hit me…what exactly IS healthy eating? Major corporations have caught on to the trend of healthier eating and are now inundating their labels with “GMO free,” “all natural,” “gluten free” etc… My daughter even saw a sign on a package of shredded lettuce that said “gluten free.” COME. ON!…

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