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How Essential Oils Can Help Spark Creativity – GUEST POST

how essential oils spark creativity - All that's Jas

This guest post is by Sally Wong of Think Oily Let’s face it: we all know that essential oils are very useful in our daily lives. They keep us healthy and well by purifying the air, heightening our immune system, quickening the healing of cuts or bruises, and balancing out our bodies. I don’t know about you, but these little glass bottles tend to be more useful than most of my pharmaceutical medicines in my cabinet. Every time I venture…

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BREAD – sweet and savory – Share and Inspire Others! – REBLOG

Share and inspire others - bread

Strangest thing: When I started the Recipe Showdown cooking challenge I thought I was inventing the warm water. Maybe not inventing, as it already exists in Europe, but I was getting all the plumbing over here so that we can benefit from it too. Little did I know: There are several similar games already circulating around old US of A. And somehow they found me and started inviting me to play by their rules. I like to be challenged. The…

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A Ceremony for our Ovaries

a ceremony for our ovaries - All that's Jas

When my 31-yo daughter told me “Janet Jackson is pregnant and she is your age, can you imagine being pregnant again?” I said HELL NO! But… First, I confirmed the HELL NO one more time, followed with a shudder just for good measure, and then I went on with my life without thinking about it again. Until last night. A ceremony for our ovaries It was after midnight and I couldn’t fall asleep, so I turned on TV. I decided…

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Cooking Challenge January Results #RecipeShowdown

Recipe Showdown January results - All that's Jas

The results for January Recipe Showdown cooking challenge are in. Cooking Challenge January Results #RecipeShowdown The longest month of the year finally came to an end. We survived it! It can only get better from here, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. To make January less dreadful I thought we could play a little game. I started this cooking challenge hoping that we will have fun, meet new people, make new friends, and share our favorite recipes…

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Not Another Blogging Rule

Not Another Blogging Rule - All that's Jas

What!! Not another blogging rule. Ignore at your own risk. Not Another Blogging Rule Recently, a conversation came up in the blogosphere about bloggers not receiving many comments anymore, and some even admitted that they don’t leave any or respond to any because it’s too hard, or too time consuming, or too something else. Chivalry isn’t dead, but is etiquette? That really struck a chord with me. In a world of social media and less interpersonal relationships, it’s becoming hard…

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