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No Bake Energy Bites

no bake energy bites | All that's Jas

You know how you crave sweets but don't want all the calories that come with it? These easy, no bake energy bites are vegan and paleo and you can eat them without the guilt. Best of all, they come together in just a few minutes.…

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Easy Classic Wiener Schnitzel

Easy classic Wiener schnitzel | All that's Jas

Craving a home-cooked meal with the same fancy taste you get at restaurants? This classic Wiener Schnitzel meets those requirements but without the high price tag. Better yet, it comes together quickly for a delicious, authentic Austrian meal your whole family will adore. …

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Classic Greek Frappe

Classic Greek Frappe - iced coffee is made with only 3 ingredients | All that's Jas

There's nothing better than a cold beverage on a hot day. This seriously delicious and refreshing iced coffee will make you forget Starbucks this summer. Save big bucks by learning how to make a Greek Frappe at home. It takes only 3 ingredients and a couple of minutes to prepare! …

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Simple Fish Recipe – Fish à la Meunière

Simple Fish Recipe - Fish à la Meunière

With just a handful of ingredients this delicious, simple fish à la meunière comes together quickly so you have more time to spend with your family and is pretty enough for guests. It is incredibly easy to prepare and a perfect dinner solution when short on time. …

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Eat Like The French – Asperges et Oeuf Poché

Eat like the French - Asparagus and Egg

Do you ever wonder what people around the world eat? Eat like the French with this simple hors d'oeuvre recipe for asparagus and egg. Vegetarian and gluten-free, this light first course is a perfect starter for your guests. With only a handful of ingredients and 20 minutes to make it's a no-brainer that this dish is here to stay. …

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Easy German Pan-Fried Potatoes and Eggs

simplifying German food - potatoes and eggs

There's nothing like experiencing authentic food in the country of its origin! But having means to travel? That's a different story! Luckily, you don't have to travel far, maybe just to your local grocery store, to still enjoy world cuisine. German pan - fried potatoes and eggs are local's favorite meal for brunch or supper and are super easy to make. Best of all, using sweet potatoes makes this dish a healthy choice too. …

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Pan-Seared Pork Chops with Dijon Mustard Sauce

pan-seared pork chops with dijon mustard sauce - All that's Jas

Pan-Seared Pork Chops with Dijon Mustard Sauce I got a big surprise when I opened the package of what the label claimed was chicken. My heart was set on Italian chicken with artichoke sauce for dinner. I had peeled potatoes to make the best mashed potatoes and had all my ingredients out. What I found in the package was the other white meat. Instead of chicken, we had impromptu pork chops with mustard sauce. Although it turned out delicious, I…

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Must-Have Scalloped Potatoes

must have scalloped potatoes recipe - All that's Jas

If your scalloped potatoes don’t turn quite the way you want, this is a recipe you must have!   Using a mandoline slicer has proven to be painful if you get a bit distracted. My daughter will vouch that I’m like a magpie – easily distracted by shiny objects. Only this time my distraction was dull (unlike my mandoline) and a shade darker. Making scalloped potatoes was probably a bad idea.   My mind was preoccupied.   Within one week…

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Easy Cauliflower Frittata

easy cauliflower fritatta - All that's Jas

Is plural for frittata still frittata or frittatas? I’m afraid my site would be searched for a different reason, ha! To get me to eat vegetables my mom would often hide them in the most unexpected ways. It wasn’t that I hated them but I wouldn’t even try them to begin with, and probably just thought I’d hate them. I mean duh, they’re vegetables…Gross! But once she tricked me into having a bite, I was hooked. So it was with…

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Italian Iced Tea Cocktail

Unwind after work with this aromatic cocktail, three-ingredient Italian iced tea.

  Italian Iced Tea I’m not a drinker, but what is better after a long hard day at work than a cold glass of iced tea? Italian iced tea that is. I like an occasional cocktail that is not too strong because I can’t hold my liquor. Even half a glass of wine makes my limbs like rubber. This cocktail is not too strong and is so simple to make with only three ingredients.   I can’t believe I was…

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Blackened Salmon Focaccia

Blackened salmon focaccia - All that's Jas

Looking for a new way to serve fish? You will love this easy blackened salmon focaccia. It is perfectly seasoned fish nested inside Italian focaccia bread spread with roasted garlic aioli and topped with dill cucumber slices. …

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