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PHOTO FRIDAY 38 – Never Before Seen Photos

never before seen photos - All that's Jas

Friends, I have a confession to make. I’ve been unfaithful lately…….I’m cheating on Facebook with Instagram. My expensive camera gear is collecting dust while I use my cell phone to take photos. What a shame! Thanks a lot, Instagram!  I had to dig deep and find images to share this Photo Friday. Luckily, I have thousands of photos you’ve never seen before. Do I miss shooting no food-related photos? You betcha!   It’s easy to blame someone or something else…

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PHOTO FRIDAY 37 – Northern Cardinal in Winter

Northern Cardinal in winter - All that's Jas

There’s a cardinal in the holly, looking like the King of Winter and I’m so very ready for January to end. PHOTO FRIDAY 37 – NORTHERN CARDINAL IN WINTER Hi friends! I know January has only just begun, but I am so ready for it to be over. How about you? Aren’t months with over 28 days overrated anyways? I’ll say. After Christmas decorations have been taken down, and plows left a disgusting mess of snowbanks that are anything but…

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PHOTO FRIDAY 36 – Photography On The Go

Photo Friday - Photography on the go - All that's Jas

One thing my husband hates the most is when I’m taking photos with my cellphone while driving. To be fair, I hate when he’s trying to pry his phone out of his pocket while driving. So we’re even. Photography on the go is my favorite kind and I’m almost a pro in balancing the phone and steering-wheel at the same time. No worries, safety first! I have missed many good shots for that reason. Photography On The Go I’ve been…

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PHOTO FRIDAY 35 – Coffee with Jas 4

Coffee with Jas - All that's Jas

Why am I talking about Mondays when this is a PHOTO FRIDAY post? Because I start dreading Mondays this early, that’s why. I love coffee! Coffee helps me cope, so I started this series Coffee with Jas to make Mondays more manageable. It all started one day when I was sipping coffee, watching my dog,  and realizing the print on my mug is spot on. I took a quick picture to share on Facebook and the idea was born. Eventually…

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PHOTO FRIDAY 34 – Instagram Photos

burning heart in the sky

Today I am sharing with you some of my Instagram photos. As a blogger, I try to be equally present on most major social media platforms and let me tell you: it ain’t easy. Unless you make it your business and you do nothing else but that, there’s just not enough hours in a day to be everywhere. Now, I’m not saying it is easy for those who run their blog as a business. Blogging is hard work, whether you make money…

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PHOTO FRIDAY 33 – Zoo Faces

Zoo faces - All that's Jas

The last time I visited our little zoo, Ava was a toddler and my daughter didn’t want me to bring along my camera. This should be family time, she said, and she wasn’t wrong. So, zoo faces became secondary and I focused on Ava’s. If I wasn’t chasing after her, I was enjoying her facial expressions at different exhibits. She especially liked giraffes. It took me few years to go back, this time with my camera and a friend who…

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PHOTO FRIDAY 32 – Clouds

clouds - All that's Jas

The first time I flew, as a child back in mid-seventies, I was amazed to see the sun shining above the gray, dark clouds. The revelation made such an impression on me that I’ve been obsessed with clouds ever since. You can say my head is in the clouds because I’m always on the lookout. Living in the city means you don’t get a clear view of the sky. Getting a good photo is almost impossible, unless you drive a while…

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Photo Friday 30 – Blue Color

Blue Color - All that's Jas

Blue is the only color associated with happiness and sadness, warm and cold. Think blue skies and warm beaches, cold winters and feeling blue. I love using blue color in my food photography. It complements most (read boring, colorless) dishes well, like in this pork medallions recipe or  easy ravioli lasagna.   The color blue, one of the three primary colors, is my favorite color. If it happened to be yours too then you are also genuine and sincere, reliable…

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Photo Friday 29 – Seascape 2

Seascape 2 - All that's Jas

A day at the beach restores the soul. Seascape is on the top of my list of favorite things to photograph. I think if I lived by the sea I’d be taking photos of every sunrise and sunset. Actually, just the latter. I’m not quite loving early mornings even if sunrises are so amazing. Unless someone pays me to get up early I’m staying in my bed.   If you don’t find beauty in nature you’re probably not of age…

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