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Baked Red Beet Falafel with Yogurt Mint Sauce

Baked Red Beet Falafel | All that's Jas

If you need an eye-catching appetizer for your next dinner or game-day party, then this recipe for baked red beet falafel is for you. Falafel is an amazing food for so many reasons, aside from it being absolutely delicious. It's a great source of protein for those who have decided to cut meat or animal products from their diet.…

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Kurdish Rice Pilaf

Kurdish Rice Pilaf - All that's Jas

  The cooking method of this Kurdish rice pilaf makes the rice light and airy while the naan pieces on the bottom are crispy, a perfect texture contrast and a delicious side dish.     Note to self: never make popcorn to snack on while trying to complete a task. I thought I could eat popcorn AND write this post, but I was wrong. I started shoving popcorn, by the handful, down my throat and I didn’t stop until it…

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Sogan-Dolma (Stuffed Onions)

You know you’re Bosnian when you first chop up some onions and then decide what to cook for dinner. True that, true that. Majority of Bosnian meals contain word “stuffed” in it: stuffed peppers, stuffed zucchini, stuffed grape leaves, stuffed dough, stuffed cabbage leaves etc. But when you combine “stuffed” with those beloved onions you get the most authentic Bosnian dish. You can’t get any more Bosnian than that. This is it folks, the crème de la crème of stuffed…

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