Good Morning Lovely Faces

Truth is, I am not a morning person and I hate being woken up by alarm clock. My beauty sleep is mostly interrupted by my bladder and noises. I’m such a light sleeper that I need earplugs, but I can still hear my dog Baylie snoring, birds chirping and my husband making morning coffee. When I am asleep though, I dream of sleeping in on weekends. The anticipation is so intense that once I make it to the weekend I get a migraine. It woke me up again on this Saturday, at 6 a.m. Too early to get up, I took the pain pill and tried to go back to sleep. I think I dozed off an hour later, influenced by the pill. I even dreamed about something other than my sleeping-in-weekends when an incoming text to my phone awakened me. Darn! I don’t know anyone who would want to talk to me this early, so naturally, I think the worst. Good bye sleep. The text was from my daughter who was just saying good morning mom, I love you and have a great weekend. Well, not exactly. She was critiquing my spelling on something from the day before. Hey, English is my third language, give me a break! Since when is she up before noon anyways? Oh yeah, since my granddaughter was born 11 weeks ago. My little Pay Back, as I like to call her.

I stretched deciding to have a good day regardless. Lying by my feet Baylie started to wagg her tail while peaking at me with her eyes half open. Wagging of the tail never goes unrewarded and I bent to pet her and give her a kiss. ACHOOO! She sneezed in my face with full force. EW! This is going to be a bad day.

Baylie was my daughter’s dog before she moved out and got married. I remember the day she brought Baylie home for me to see her before I allow her to have the dog. Nice trick though. Baylie was funny looking puppy, her head bigger than the rest of her. She looked like a platypus and not like the pitbull/bulldog terrier mix that she is. No, I said, we are not going to have a dog. Eight years later and Baylie is my hand-me-down most beloved dog ever!
What is it with the love for second hand dogs? My husband, too, owns his daughter’s dog and his love for it is unconditional. You have to understand, his dog is not the cutest dog out there with her under bite, constant begging at the table and barking at everything that moves. But he adores her. I get it. Our neighbor feels the same about her inherited dog.
Is it the empty nest syndrome and the left behind dog is the only grip we have on our child? Is it the feeling that we’re still needed? I don’t know. I know I dread the day Baylie will not be around to sneeze in my face. I dread the day she won’t greet me at the door as happy as ever, follow me around and with those big, smart puppy eyes ask me to play. I dread the day I won’t have to pickup insides of Bobo, her new plush toy, all over the yard and say: “You killed Bobo, again!” I dread not having the dog that I didn’t want to have. She can do no wrong. How can I be mad at this face?


And even though my daughter never text me just to say that she loves me, she doesn’t have to. I know she does. I can’t ever stay mad at her for long. Look at that face.

And she gave me the most precious face of all to love. This one:


I LOVE LOVE LOVE my three girls! What a blessing they are. Every day with them in it is a great day indeed.

P.S. As if she could read my mind, my daughter said it all with this little tribute:


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