I’m off to Florida for our anniversary but this head cold is making me feel so miserable. Husband asked if we should cancel the trip but I’d rather feel miserable in Florida than in Northern Indiana.
I have few recipes lined up that are waiting their turn. I’ve been busy tending the vegetable garden and planting flowers. This is the first spring in our new house and I love seeing all the flowers I had no idea were there. Husband worked hard on the raised bed garden and besides the asparagus that grew out of nowhere I planted two types of tomatoes, two types of sweet yellow peppers (from Bosnia), spinach, Swiss chard, onions, heirloom carrots, celery, Italian parsley, zucchini, cantaloupe, two types of green beans, cucumbers, eggplants, radishes, ornamental cabbage, lettuce and some corn. I also planted strawberries, chamomile, dill, rosemary, chives, Italian and regular basil, cilantro and stinging nettle. To existing grapevine as well as apple and pear tree I added cherry, quince, Italian plum and elderberry tree. I can’t wait to harvest!

Here are few pictures from my backyard flora and fauna. See you later!











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