The Road

Morning ride to work.
My mind is striving to catch up with alertness of my body, but the imprinted softness of the goose down pillow is spellbinding and difficult to desert.

Abandoned by the spirit my body pilots the car forward taking the roads automatically, robot-like.


We turn east. BAM! Hello and good morning to me!
The glare of Germanic Goddess instantly activates my tear ducts and blinds me temporarily.  I am certain this is what the opposite of Heaven must be like. It almost feels familiar like experienced in a past life. Unbearable!

It hurts to look at this giant flaming ball, so generous with its source of energy yet so harmful in many ways. It’s a constant reminder of life and death, an echo of yin and yang and a premonition for undeserving of the eternal life.


Turning south I’m mindful, repenting my sins and pledging my complete trust in God.

Hoping the lights shining thru, the glowing ones at the end of the tunnel, are not deriving from the Sun because there’s no turning south on the final journey.


To be among the righteous I pray and have faith I will not be blinded along the way.
* photo borrowed from the Internet

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