11 Time-Saving Food Recipes For Weight Loss

11 Time-Saving Food Recipes For Weight Loss | All that's Jas

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11 Time-Saving Food Recipes For Weight Loss is a guest post by Emily Brathen.


11 Time-Saving Food Recipes For Weight Loss


11 Time-Saving Food Recipes For Weight Loss


Whether you’re trimming your waistline or simply watching your lunches at the office, the thrill of reaping the benefits from diet food recipes is not only unfounded but it’s universally being practiced now by seasoned dietitians and beginners alike. Meanwhile, the plethora of recipes is now in multitude, thanks to the near-obsession of those who benefit from this norm greatly and effectively. So efficiently that almost all enthusiasts now boast of their own set of recipes!


This post’s intention is to do just about that: but more importantly, this is dedicated to expanding your already growing weight loss recipes that should aid your ongoing diet. The recipes below will include but not limited to breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Ultimately, the recipes you’ll find here are not only insanely delicious but are also geared to make your list even healthier.



Talk about a superbly healthier milk replacement! May you just be snacking it or treating it as a desert, the use of yogurt instead takes your usual cereal bowl to another level. And with raspberry in tow, this alternative may just be your go-to option from here on out!

Perhaps the easier one to master is the Parmesan Cloud Eggs. With just a couple of fluffy and light eggs along with Parmesan, this brunch recipe is to die for!

Engage your sweet tooth with this smoothie that should send you into a frenzy due to its frozen banana and that creamy texture that is beyond satisfying.



Our first entry from the lunch menu is a vegetarian toaster-oven sandwich. To move it to another level, simply embellish it with some fresh pear and one-fourth cup of Parmesan cheese.

Spice your menu up with this simple and instantaneous vegetarian cup of ramen noodles. If you need them for lunch at work, just pack them in a set of jars to make them easy to carry.

Add some zest in your open-face egg salad sandwich by whisking it with dill and lemon. Meanwhile, the crisp pancetta can beef up its texture and flavor; but if you’re not into pancetta that much, look into sprinkling some capers on top instead.

Bring your taste to the more exotic and subtle side with green tea soba, shrimp, and miso soup cup of noodles. The noted intricate grassy offerings along with its impeccable amalgamation of hues are just enough to make this as a staple for your lunch.

Bring this Broccoli, Ham, and Cheese Quiche at home and experience what a dreamy yet scrumptious dish is all about in one seating. To make the taste more pronounced, go for the precooked shredded potatoes right in the dairy section or make use of your frozen hash brown potatoes instead.



You’re reading this correctly. Pasta may be perennially known as a comfort food but that doesn’t mean that it is entirely off-limits when you’re in your diet meal plan. Just ensure that this dish is free of non-fattening and non-nutritive ingredients. If there are, swap them with the abovementioned, healthier options.

Serve your dinner plan with these thinly-sliced meats that should be cooked and ready in no time. Meanwhile, the juice that is collected right in the pan should flavor your tacos without worrying you of any associated fat. Instead of a tortilla, go for a lettuce or collard wrap for a much skinnier alternative.


If your time is limited or if you need a dish that can be prepared in just minutes, this one should fit the bill. Salmon can only be cooked in few minutes while apple slaw just requires a little chopping and prepping up.


Concluding Thoughts

I hope my list of healthier food recipes for weight loss has added more flexibility to your already growing alternatives. The abovementioned recipes should not only take your diet plan onto the next level but should also let you save time and energy which all in itself is a plus in this otherwise hectic world that we live in.


Emily Brathen

Author Bio

Emily is the founder of BodyShape101.com, a blog where she and her associates talk about exercise, fitness, and yoga. Their aim is to help people like you to achieve the perfect body. BodyShape101 is concentrated on exercise & fitness tips and making the most out of it.

She is also a mother of one and she tries to find the balance between her passion and her biggest joy in life.


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    Just discovered your blog today, and I think you have great recipes and I love the way you write! Now to spend a few hours reading posts from way back…hehe

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